Keeping It Real With Adeola – 262 (Buhari’s Cabal Belittles Vice President Osinbajo; 82 Chibok Girls Released)

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This week on Keeping It Real, Boko Haram releases 82 Chibok girls in exchange for their arrested members.

President Muhammadu Buhari travels to London for medical follow-up, names Vice President Osinbajo the “Coordinator of National Affairs” instead of Acting President.


A Nigerian female lawmaker breaks the internet with her dance moves

Adeola features Kakenya Ntaiya, a Maasai woman from Kenya who returns to her village from the U.S. to impact lives of young girls by giving them free education.

Adeola also features Anthony Joshua, the heavy weight boxing champion who is both British and Nigerian.


  1. Adeola, i am one of your greatest fans n over the years, i have watched ALL your shows n mostly agreed with everything you have showcased as it pertains to the ills of the Nigerian society, especially with corruption n indiscipline in govt, but at this juncture, i can't but mention that i am a bit disappointed at one of your reports in this last episode (262). The one about the fire disaster that destroyed someone's house n which fire fighters did not come around on time. First and foremost you blamed everyone else but the owners of the house because the fire was not curtailed and put out. I beg to differ on this; is it my opinion that the owners of that house were grossly negligent in the protection of their property against the fire and even in swiftly putting out the fire as soon as it was noticed. There are provisions in the fire code where private residents are required to have at least 3 fire extinguishers in their house, or if it can be afforded, at least one unit for each room in the house. It is the same as having a well equipped first aid box in the house, in case of a domestic accident. You mentioned another incident where a car burnt and they had to use feces to put out the fire. I also noticed you neglected to mention the absence of a functional fire extinguisher in the car to be used in such occasions. I understand that you cannot think of everything, but in this case, this omission is beyond excusable because it is essential that you provide adequate and well balanced information to your followers, especially when it concerns this kind of potentially dangerous situations. It would have been a great opportunity for you to have advocated for citizens to make sure they are well prepared for emergencies at all times by possessing adequate emergency equipment in their cars and abode. I know you like to talk about inadequacies of essential govt amenities and functions to draw attention to failure of govt in Nigeria, but sometimes, there are certain things that Nigerians themselves are doing that is making the country not to work. Nigerian are known to be mostly undisciplined in so many ways and will willingly circumvent rules and regulations (including ones that are made for their own safety) if they can get away with it, and will bribe their way towards these ends(sometimes pay more in bribes than the actual cost of just obeying the simple regulations without even realizing it; if that is not gross stupidity, i wonder what is). Secondly Adeola, i think there should be a shift in the direction of your presentations; one understands that there are lots of things wrong in the govt of Nigeria, and we know this, but ordinary Nigerians themselves are their own worst enemies, and attention should be drawn to this. Typical Nigerians are dying everyday because of avoidable incidents every hour due to their own ignorance and indiscipline and it is my opinion that you should draw attention to the things Nigerians are doing wrong everywhere in the world which is tarnishing our image. Nigerians should know that they themselves are their own enemies by their willful negligence. I hope you get my drift. There is much more i would like to say here but i will leave them for now n watch how you react to this opinion to you. Thanks

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