Keeping It Real With Adeola – 259 (Sex Scandal: How Apostle Suleman Implicated Himself; Zimbabwe Accepts Goats As School Fees)

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This week on Keeping It Real, Abuja airport is back in service after a six-week halt to repair runway.

Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari suspends both the Director of National Intelligence Agency, Ayodele Oke, and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, David Babachir Lawal on corruption grounds.

A Nigerian journalist at the United Nations robs four banks in New York City.

Adeola examines the many ways Apostle Suleman, General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, implicated himself in a sex scandal with Stephanie Otobo.

In Zimbabwe, you can now use a goat as a collateral for school fees and bank loans. 



  1. Nothing will happen to her!
    What do you think will happen to a fake prophet who is spending your tithes and offerings on prostitutes?

  2. Winner Toye you should be shamed of yourself. Threatening a respected journalist or anyone is not a smart move.

  3. Lol, I know Adeola does not respond to people like you, That buttresses the old saying that the best answer to a bigger "…………." like you is silence. Many of her followers are not religious bigot, 'the wind had blown and we have all seen the anus of chicken'.

  4. Winnner toye you the fool here. Idiot. You just talking out of point

  5. Winner Toye, you are just one wasted sperm, this lady brought out audios of what this " Man of God" is saying, do you have something contrary? You need a new brain

  6. Stop insulting , threatening or intimidating her just because she exposes the filth in society . Your pastor is not infallible . Accept criticisms and change .What is wrong with you corrupt and depraved people ? We are fed up with you

  7. hello Adeola, i am your biggest fan and i love you so much i do not miss an episode of you show, you always speak the truth without fear or favor please keep it up. Our biggest problem in Nigeria is religion and tribalism if we can just get passed this two am sure we will be heading in the right direction.

  8. What is wrong with this one. That your pastor is tranfering your tithe to an Olosho is Deola's headache? That you prefer to stay under Apostle Sulele's bondage and beleive all his lies is Deola's problem?? When Sulele transfer millions, buy cars and build houses for certified Olosho with your tithe, he doesn't put up the video on Social media, he does that in secret, he prefer to put Poor peoples video and picture on social media, telling the world he has helped the poor, its better you wise up now.

  9. Adeola I follow you from Cameroon. I wish to say I expected something like this long ago it is long overdue.What wouldn't people about servants of God.

    All over the Internet were talks about Pastor recently, but when he reconciled with the wife nothing was seen on social media
    .Thank God Apostle SULEMAN is a trained journalist, once he said bad news sells more than good news, that's why you see more nasty thanot edifying infos on the media.

    Apostle SULEMAN has always been on the spot light for that reason I know for sure he can't make that kind of mistake cos it can exploited against him.Of resent it was his declaration about the finances.Why not look at the other side of the coin; a frame up….

  10. bro toye thank God you said half truth so u agree there's an element of truth. who's the biggest fool.

  11. bro toye thank God you said half truth so u agree there's an element of truth. who's the biggest fool.

  12. i think adeola shud be given award for her deep research before making statement. indeed no one knows the truth but for me i just pray God have mercy on both parties, bcus NO MAN IS PERFECT

  13. Winner Toye you are the fool here. With all the glaring evidence you still feel your lying pastor is a saint! By the time Canadian courts are done with him, I'm sure he will come clean. Vulnerable fools.

  14. Deola,you are always on point,You've got my support and so many right thinking people. As for you @ winner Tope, if truly that's your name…Bible says " He who lack wisdom let him ask…." So Tope you might have to look at that direction.

  15. Nothing will happy to her she exposes all the evidence spoken by your so called man of God.why is it so difficult for you to get the truth

  16. Finally my gul you speak out regarding Suleiman or suleiboy…

  17. Why you Nigeria always love to or neglect the truth? You said Adeola, is fool and I will call you queen of ( animal ) the lady is not in sides of anybody, she obviously, speaking truth. A big shame to that man apostle Suleiman. If you bring your self down, God will life you up and If you bring your self up God will bring you down. the is the truth.

  18. Anyone hating on Adeola is lame,i mean how can you hate on her,i like the way she see's things and breaks it down.

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