VIDEO: “I now know who are my true friends” – Gambia’s Jammeh says after leaving power

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Gambia’s leader Yahya Jammeh said on Saturday he now knows his true friends following the political crisis in his country.

He said this after declaring that he is handing over.

In his words: “Today, I now know who are my best friends, my true friends. As I used to say before how many days he did not sleep (pointing to president Alpha Condé of Guinea). I don’t want to give a number but I want to thank him because from the beginning of this crisis he stood by the truth, not necessarily the Gambians, but he stood by the truth.”

Jammeh stepped down under pressure from West African armies which entered the country this week following his refusal to concede an election defeat to President Adama Barrow.

Jammeh is yet to leave the presidential palace but his announcement on state television overnight appears to signal an end of a political impasse. It also brings to a close his 22-year reign after seizing power in a coup.

In practice, Jammeh had little choice after some 7,000 soldiers from Nigeria and Senegal entered Gambia on Thursday backed by tanks and warplanes.


  1. at last feedom to Gambian people. Next to be liberated is now Rwanda. Thank God

  2. Over 22 years now Rwandan people are hostages of Paul Kagame and his small group of RPF and now they are forcing evarybody to train for military

  3. The solidarity which was shown in the Gambian situation should continue and in Rwanda under Paul Kagame the situation is worse than everywhere else.

  4. Stop talking nonsense about Rwanda we don't have eny problem, are u sick? u need to see doctor soon

  5. Cameroon old fool Biya, has gone insane and is killing people and arresting innocent English speaking(Anglophones) for speaking out and protesting. 2017 is the end of all dictors hip in Africa. After Yaya, who is next? Hopefully Biya of Cameroon.

  6. Can you please stop pretending to be the great "imam" of the country! Allah is not a confusing Spirit Being like you! First, you indicated that it was Allah's time for you to step down, few days later you changed your decision from conceding! Allah is definitely not speaking to you!

  7. Just rambling and rambling. Stooges of old cynical trumped up charges to stay in power. How do you get this power hungry; having ruled a country for 22 years; that you don't know when to quit?

  8. Biya Paul of Cameroon is next. He is the devil of Africa. His time is up and soon. English-speaking Cameroonian have decided to stand up against him and his regime. His military intimidations does not scare us anymore. He better watch what is coming.

  9. Yahya Jammah should not exill to guinea or anywhere he should face justice in Gambia for all the innocent Gambian he killed

  10. M7 is going to be taking by Donald Trump such that Ugandans can be freed from country wide home prisons!

  11. In Uganda, there is one who has ruled for 35years, we are praying for Donald Trump to come and take him to prison.

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