PHOTOS: President Buhari in London

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To debunk rumours by some Nigerians on social media that President Buhari was either dead or ‘under intensive care’, new pictures of him emerged on Friday.

The President is seen with the Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun and some APC leaders in London.

Despite all attempts by the presidency to debunk the rumours, false reports of his death have continued to spread on social media.

Photo credit: Buhari Sallau

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  1. pictures emerging is not confirmation that he is alive or well. The problem is that Nigerian rulers treat the country as though its their own piece of real estate. The commitment to the people is farcical and our commitment to hold them to account is diminishing and constantly moving wholesale into the realms of hope and desperate religious escapism. The precarious situation is exacerbated by those that have their own power vacuum agenda to pursue.These people, and there are hundreds, have no agenda for Nigeria and will pursue their own agenda for personal wealth by pursuing any route available regardless of the consequences. These meetings and new alliances being formed are already in public view. the current administration and its cohorts are totally inadequate and spineless in response to all this. Ditto the religious aristocracy that we have also created. A religious sectarian war with ethnic undertones is easy to foment by those willing to stroke the flames. p[lease wake up people and confront this wicked trajectory that we are on course.
    Ola Balogun

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