Keeping It Real With Adeola – 246 (Governor Owing 10 Months Salaries Demands Respect; Nigeria To Shut Down Abuja Int. Airport)

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Keeping It Real With Adeola – 246

This week on Keeping It Real, a Nigerian governor demands respect from protesting students whose school was shut down due to 10 months of unpaid salaries.

Nigeria wants to close down the Abuja International Airport for 6 weeks in order to renovate the runway.

Adeola compares airports in Nigeria to airports in other African countries.

Ghana’s new president plagiarize his inaugural speech. Meanwhile, outgoing president wanted his residence as part of his retirement package.

A former Somalian refugee is now the minister of immigration and citizenship in Canada.

A man parades masked women tied to dog leashes at a wedding in Nigeria.



  1. I love your shows…I say a big Thank You to You and your Team for all your efforts in putting it up. By the way news reaching us is that President-Elect Trump invited GEJ for his inauguration tomorrow and also Buhari has handed over to Osinbanjo for the third time in order to go for a medical check up

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