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About Me

I love biking, singing, and of course carrot cake!!! And yes, I like to find humor in every news story, well… at least some!

Adeola Fayehun grew up in Nigeria where she had her elementary, secondary, and a brief University Adeola Fayehuneducation, before moving to the U.S. She received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Olivet College, Michigan, in 2007.

She also received her masters in broadcast journalism from the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism in December 2008.

Adeola is presently the host of “Keeping It Real With Adeola,” a weekly satire show on African politics on SaharaTV, as well as a foreign correspondent for THE NATION newspaper in Nigeria.

Her goal is to make people care about African news. She believes everything can become exciting, even news!

Adeola is happily married to her best friend.

About Keeping It Real

Keeping it real is a political satire produced by SaharaTV and hosted by Adeola Fayehun. It is a weekly news update that reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly in African countries, especially Nigeria. From the story of the surgeon providing free medical services in rural areas of Cameroon, the constant money laundry in Nigeria, to the operations of evil voodoo creatures called Tsikamutandas in Zimbabwe, Keeping It Real presents the news like you’ve never heard it, even the ridiculous news, making it both educating and entertaining for viewers.

The show is based on extensive research, which makes it possible to accompany each story with pictures and many times video evidence. The first story is usually about recent events of the week in Nigeria, which could be political – like lawmakers beating up one other, Mr. President spending a whooping one billion Naira on food when the minimum wage is 18,000 Naira, or inspirational stories – like the 27-year-old lady who started the first air ambulance service in Nigeria after losing her younger sister because there was no air ambulance.

This is usually followed by political, social, economic, or inspirational stories from other African countries. The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has been a regular subject on Keeping It Real, as Adeola discusses many of the several atrocities of his government. Other issues previously covered on the show includes the killing of Albinos in Tanzania, Ethiopian first lady refusing to leave the palace after her husband’s death, Egypt threatening Ethiopia for building a dam, life in Eritrea, Kenyans killing pigs to protest the outrageous salary of their MPs, 11-year-old Kenyan boy inventing a way to save lions in his country, and much more.

Sometimes the show ends either with a feature of beautiful places in different African countries, or with an inspirational story about Africans in the diaspora doing amazing things. Such as an Ethiopian family that earned six degrees in one week in Texas, three Nigerian students graduating with first class in the United Kingdom, a Nigerian man building libraries in various African countries, and much more.

Some of the countries that have been featured on the show include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Burundi, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, Gambia, Cameroon, Madagascar, just to name a few.