Tuesday, May 22, 2018

VIDEO: Nigerian policemen fight NSCDC official over rifle

In this viral video, Nigerian policemen were caught on camera fighting to dispossess an official of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps of his rifle.

I literally held my breath watching this, afraid of the gun going off. I am not sure where this happened, but sources claimed it happened in Akwa-Ibom.


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  1. Nigeria police
    Hear my conclusion without I asking questions
    Saying you guys are always wrong
    Because you don't know your duties
    Here or there
    Sometimes I imagine if you are working for yourself or if you still know you are serving the state
    If truly that NSCDC is not supposed to hold that rifle but don't you think if truly you are truly Nigeria police don't you think there is a way to claim the gun for the state office according to the rule of law
    Without anybody been embarrassed