Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Nigeria will help Ghana fight corruption - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday in Accra, the capital of Ghana, pledged Nigeria’s support to the country in the fight against corruption.

He noted that the menace of corruption had eaten into the fabrics of both societies.

In his speech at Ghana’s 61st Independence anniversary celebration at the Independence Square in Accra, President Buhari noted that Nigeria and Ghana were benefitting immensely from leaders committed to improving their economies and tackling corruption.

President Buhari commended President Nana Akufo-Addo of Ghana on his achievements in the first year in office, lauding his committed fight against corruption and the passing of the Special Prosecutors Bill into law.

Bihari said: ’‘From Nigeria, I have watched closely your achievements, ranging from your ingenious approach to creating jobs for the teeming youths through various initiatives, including the repositioning of agriculture for modern farming, ‘Farming for Jobs and Food’, Senior High School (SHS) free education, One-District-One-Factory, and One-Village-One-Dam as well as the improvement being recorded in the Republic’s macroeconomic indicators.

‘‘All these efforts, I am aware, have made Ghana to become a good destination for foreign direct investment just like Nigeria. Accept my congratulations!

‘‘I congratulate both the government and the Parliament for the quick passage of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act and its signing into law.

‘‘Your Excellency can be assured that you have a good partner in me as I look forward to any form of collaboration between Nigeria and Ghana in tackling the menace of endemic corruption.

‘‘Given all these public policies, it becomes reassuring that with the right leadership, Africa’s drives to eradicate poverty and to entrench democracy is on course,’’ he said.

President Buhari, who was the special guest of honour at the ceremony, recounted the historic and cultural ties between Nigeria and Ghana, urging citizens of both countries to uphold the fraternal relations.

‘‘It is, therefore, my strong desire that we owe it as a duty to ensure that our good peoples continue to live in each other’s countries unhindered.

‘‘Our newly rejuvenated Permanent Joint Commission for Cooperation has already provided us with good platform in resolving any differences while focusing on our main developmental objectives,’’ the President said.

Commenting on peace and security in West Africa, the President commended Akufo-Addo's contribution to ensuring peace in neighbouring Togo.

‘‘Permit me to put on record, Ghana’s untiring efforts in brokering peace in Togo, by bringing all the warring parties to the negotiation table. I am appealing to the opposing parties in Togo to please come together and resolve their differences so that Togo will move forward.

‘‘In the same vein, I wish Nigeria and Ghana to continue to provide the impetus in realising the objectives and ideals of the founding fathers of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), to ensure security, peace and development of our region,’’ he said.
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  1. Please Buhari or Bihari don't come with your corruption to our corridors or next time you come here we will make such what happen in Ghana years back will repeat it self leave out president for us...thank you..Press Sectary for Youths in diaspora..

  2. Warning to Ghanaian Govermnet and it’s citizenry. Any agreement reached in conjunction with President Bihari of Nigeria, has its hidden agenda. He has noted with fear that Ghanianians will not be a land for animal grazing and he wants to lure them into his husabanry and thereby Islamization of it’s people. Whatch out for the wolve in the sheeps skin.

  3. Buhari oga malam come back here and fight corruption first Ghana you're helping is far better then you. Stop being useless

  4. Interesting world we leave in. I hope he did not come to Ghana with the snakes and rats that ate a bags of money. Two blind men leading each other.

  5. The inventor of corruption talks funny - must be a relative to Donald Trump ...

  6. Buhari take am easy na corruption we won eat

  7. Is Buhari really serious. How can you give a shirt when you are wearing rapper.ha hahaha ooo Africans

  8. Mr President you have gone to Ghana to preach about corrpution when you are corrupt.
    bring back our Nigeria the way it was before BUBU

  9. No Matter How Tired I May Be, Seeing my President on tv always Gives Me Strength to Stand Up & Change the Channel.