Thursday, March 1, 2018

Google launches new features to match job-seekers to employers in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria

Technology giant Google is launching a new job search experience today in Kenya‚ Nigeria and South Africa to make it easier for job seekers find employment opportunities.

The announcement was made at Google offices in Sandton, South Africa. 

Google South Africa country director Luke Mckend said: "For the first time‚ when someone uses their phone or computer to search on Google for a job‚ they will see a streamlined experience letting them explore‚ research and find relevant‚ local job postings".

“Finding employment is still very difficult for many people. With unemployment in South Africa so high‚ this new job search experience will help the millions of South Africans searching for new opportunities. We believe that the web allows anyone‚ anywhere‚ of any age‚ to grow their business‚ learn the skills they need to get a job‚ to grow in their career‚ become an entrepreneur or developer. This new jobs search tool will be a key driver for connecting job seekers to open opportunities..."

"Users will able to view at-a-glance details about the posting‚ such as job title‚ location‚ whether it’s full-time‚ part-time or an internship‚ as well as detailed information should a job be of interest. Using Google Maps integration‚ job seekers can search for jobs any place they can find on the map‚ and if they’re signed in‚ they can even see how long it would take to commute to the job from home."

Job-seekers can also push the “get alerts” button to get email notifications when new jobs matching their search appear.

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