Friday, February 2, 2018

UN slams Nigeria for extraditing Cameroon anglophone separatists

The UN refugee agency on Thursday criticized Nigeria for breaching international agreements after the leader of a Cameroonian anglophone separatist movement and his supporters were extradited at Yaounde’s request.

75 year-old blind Cameroonian refugee Mbia Ndem (L) sits beside friend at home, where hundreds are being sheltered at Bashu-Okpambe village in Boki district of Cross Rivers State in southeast Nigeria, on January 31, 2018. 

Cameroon has called the 47 “terrorists” and said they would “answer for their crimes”, as tensions mount in the Southwest and Northwest Regions, home to most of the country’s English-speakers. They have complained about decades of economic inequality and social injustice at the hands of the French-speaking majority.

Ayuk Tabe wants the two regions to separate from the French-speaking part of the country. On October 1st last year, his movement made a symbolic declaration of independence. The UNHCR said most of the 47 sent back to Cameroon had submitted asylum claims in Nigeria.

“Their forcible return is in violation of the principle of non-refoulement, which constitutes the cornerstone of international refugee law,” it said in a statement.

"Non-refoulement, a French term, is the practice of not forcing refugees or asylum-seekers to go back to a country where they could be persecuted."

“The returns were carried out despite UNHCR’s efforts and engagement with the authorities,” the agency said.

“UNHCR reminds Nigeria of its obligations under the international and Nigerian law, and urges the Nigerian government to refrain from forcible returns of Cameroonian asylum-seekers back to their country of origin.”

Human rights groups have called on Cameroon to ensure those detained get a fair trial and are well-treated. Cameroonian President Paul Biya strongly opposes secession and has flooded both regions with troops, imposed curfews, conducted raids and slapped restrictions on travel.

An estimated 30,000 English-speakers have fled Cameroon to Nigeria.

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  2. The UN like the AU is a useless club. The UN only serves the interest of the Victors of World War II. How can the UN be asking for the refugees to be given a fair trail when their repatriation is illegal. The UN should be asking for their immediate and unconditional return to Nigeria - period.

    1. Right, that's what the U.N. should do; ask for their immediate return to Nigeria!

  3. Putting the chart before the horse. Both the UN and France should be ashamed.

    UN on one hand is being ignored by Nigeria with the support of France. While France is calling for dialogue meanwhile they are the architect of the extradition and show of disrespect to the UN.

    Ifbthe UN wants the world to trust her position and strength, let her order and supervise the return of the refugees to Nigeria.