Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Nigerian woman, 51, remanded in prison in Ireland for forwarding sensitive WhatsApp message

A 51-year-old Nigerian mother-of-three is in trouble for forwarding a clip which showed a child being raped on WhatsApp to warn friends of dangers.

Jade sola Agbalade pleaded guilty to one count of knowingly distributing child pornography on July 20th, 2016.

According to Irish Times, Agbalade told gardaí­ she forwarded on the video clip via the messaging platform Whatsapp in a bid to warn a friend about the dangers of leaving her kids alone with her boyfriend, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard.

The court heard Agbalade, formerly of Deerhaven Avenue, Clonee, Dublin, is currently living in temporary homeless accommodation. 

Agbalade has no previous convictions.

Judge Karen O’Connor initially heard evidence in the case in October. She said given the nature of the case it required very detailed consideration.

The court heard the clip showed a child between the ages of two and five being raped by a man. Upon further investigation, gardaí discovered it is an international clip that has been in circulation since about 2014.

“I didn’t know it wasn’t right. I’m sorry,” the woman told gardaí.

Judge Karen O’Connor ordered a probation report and remanded Agbalade on continuing bail.

Ms Agbalade was due to be sentenced on December 31, 2017 for distributing child pornography.

A statement by The UK & Ireland Database, a website that profiles child sex abusers, said: “The sentencing of a woman who forwarded a video clip of a child being raped through WhatsApp has been adjourned until March.

“Jadesola Agbalade, formerly of Deerhaven Avenue, Clonee in Dublin, was due to be sentenced this afternoon for distributing child pornography.

“She admitted forwarding the clip on to two people last year but claimed she did not realise she was doing anything wrong.

“The judge said she had received a very positive probation report but said a psychological assessment would be of great assistance.

“The defence has been given four months to furnish such a report before a sentence will be handed down.”


  1. Nigerians especially do not realise forwarding those awful videoS is a crime.

  2. Nigerians has to learn more about forwarding different such videos as a crime ....

  3. setup .. I pray for this lady to be strong God will vendicate you in Jesus name amen Peace

  4. I would think someone sent it to her unless she was the one who recorded it or uploaded from ...... but if thats not the case and it was forwarded to her, the system should be fair enough to trace and give same purnishment to those. Having said that I think there seems to be a high level of clèar concience and concern for other potential victims on the side of the poor woman. God will be her striength in Jesus'name.....

  5. Thanks for sharing the valuable information here

  6. This is a great lesson for Nigerians