Wednesday, January 31, 2018

VIDEO: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri caught faking another miracle

This is the moment controversial Malawian self-styled prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, is exposed while faking another miracle.

Mr. Bushiri was trying to show that he could capture pictures of family members of one of his congregants in the spirit, meanwhile all he did was open up the pictures on the gallery of an Ipad. 

According to Malawi24, the clergyman took down the video which was uploaded on his You Tube channel in mid April 2015 after being cornered. 

Watch the video below:

Recall that the controversial man of God, popularly called ‘Major 1’, had in the past posted a video in which he claims he was 'walking on air.' 

As he was about to land, the camera quickly panned away to avoid filming one of the men who helped to suspend Bushiri in the air to make it look as if he was floating.

But the footage caught the man's shadow as Bushiri's feet returned to the ground.

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