Friday, December 29, 2017

“My name will not be used to spill blood" - Liberia's VP Boakai concedes presidential race to soccer star George Weah

Liberia's Vice President Joseph Boakai on Friday conceded the presidential run-off election to former soccer star George Weah, easing the way toward the country's first democratic transition of power in over 70 years.

“I respect the will of the people as announced by the National Electoral Commission,” Boakai said, adding that he had called Weah to congratulate him.

“I reject any temptation of imposing pain, hardship, agony and uncertainty,” he said. “My name will not be used as (an) excuse for one drop of human blood to be spilt in this country.”
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  1. This is an extraordinary gesture in a coutntry and continent where leaders want to die in there presidential palaces. Other leaders need to take note.