Sunday, December 24, 2017

Following in the footsteps of US, Israel announces its exit from UN agency over 'attacks' on Jewish state

Israel has announced it is leaving UNESCO citing the U.N. cultural agency's "systematic attacks" on the Jewish state.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said Friday that the decision was based on the organization's "attempts to disconnect Jewish history from the land of Israel." 

He said the official letter of departure will be submitted before the year's end and that Israel will leave the organization by the end of 2018.

Israel has long complained of perceived anti-Israel bias within the U.N., where Israel and its allies are far outnumbered by Arab countries and their supporters.

The U.S withdrew from UNESCO earlier this year citing similar reasons.

Recent resolutions by the organization outraged many Israelis who viewed them as diminishing the deep Jewish ties to Jerusalem and the biblical city of Hebron.


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  1. Israel has incrementally altered the realties on the ground through settlements and building a wall both against UN and U.S. (at the time) wishes. The U.S. could be counted on the defend Israel's in any UN resolution no matter the lack of impact. This may be due to the powerful American Israel Political Action Committee that works for or against candidates in American elections depending on their devotion to protecting Israel blindly even when they are wrong. Getting the Evangelical Christians on board to support Israel's land grab so that the End Time Prophecy will soon be fulfilled was a stroke of manipulative genius. GO back to the '67 borders and accept that reality!