Saturday, October 28, 2017

Keeping It Real With Adeola -284 (Nigeria To Confiscate Funds In Bank Accounts Not Linked To BVN)

On this episode, Nigerian government is set to confiscate funds in bank accounts not linked to Bank Verification Number (BVN). To make appointment for your BVN, please visit

In Kogi State, one man loses his sick daughter because he could not afford hospital bills due to 10 months of unpaid salaries.


Also in Kogi, a director in the state civil service, Mr Edward Soje, commits suicide 10 days after his wife gives birth to triplet because he's not paid salaries for almost a year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) appoints President Robert Mugabe as goodwill ambassador, but removed him in 5 days following global outrage.

In Rwanda, court refuses bail for Diane Rwigara, the 35-year-old who tried to challenge Paul Kagame during the election. She is presently being charged with planning a coup.

In the Democratic Republic Of Congo, 28 opposition members are arrested and jailed. They were accused of insulting the President.

In Somalia, more than 350 are dead after attack by Al-Shabaab.

Adeola gives an update on the VitaMeal going to the IDPs in Nigeria and a shout-out to Texas-based humanitarian, Rev. Awotula.

Adeola also says goodbye to her friends at SaharaTV. For more information on how to support her, please visit 
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