Sunday, October 8, 2017

Keeping It Real With Adeola - 281 (No Gloves, medications or Syringes At Nigeria's State House Clinic)

Despite allocating N3.8 billion for the State House clinic, patients reveal lack of gloves, cotton wool, medications and syringes.
Lagos State Governor Ambode buys 120 power generators for the police.

A Kenyan dropout provides electricity for his entire village.


 In Togo, massive protests continue as citizens demand an end to the 50-year-rule of the Gnassingbe family. 

In Rwanda, presidential aspirant Diane Rwigara is arrested again and charged with planning a coup.

Adeola receives an award from the Gambian community


  1. Great job. One day we'll get it right in Africa. Keep the fire burning, some of us will soon make things right.

    1. And, this:

      Buhari's resume starting from Obj regime and Abacha regime is the perfection of stealing Southern oil revenues and massacring innocent civilians. Now, he and Baru stole $25 billion. Buhari is a thief and a killer.