Tuesday, October 10, 2017

13-year-old Nigerian male makeup artist and Gele expert, Fatai Azeez, gets featured on BBC (VIDEO)

A 13-year-old boy who specializes in tying African traditional headgear, popularly called “Gele”, has been featured on BBC.

Fatai, who also does makeup, said he loves doing it so much.

He was featured on BBC News Pidgina new language service for digital platforms in English-based Pidgin for West and Central Africa.

Pidgin is one of the most widely-spoken languages across the region, even though it is not officially recognised.

The talented boy said he charges N1,000 per person.

He noted that his parents allow him to train more after school.

Nollywood actress Adunni Ade is one of his customers.

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  1. Ignorance lack vision. This lad should not be discouraged. What is d difference between d young lad and Segun gele? Segun is creative and making a living out of feminine beauty, y can’t it b d same for this lad? Please let us as a nation support pure talent locally. Gear your support to local talent. Dolce & Gobanna are male designers who excellent in both male and female beauty. We must learn to promote our own inner talent and stopping trumpeting others. We need to start working towards, made in Nigeria. After all look at China today, they have started designing Aso Oke ? Y? Because we don’t protect our own. All our traditions and talent should b patented so that the western world don’t steal them and claim it to b theirs.