Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nigerian-British couple celebrates 60th wedding anniversary (PHOTOS)

A Nigerian grandfather and his wife are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

Their granddaughter, Sarah J, shared their pictures on social media to celebrate with them.

She said the couple met when the man went to England for studies.

Sarah added that the woman dropped everything and moved to Nigeria after she met her spouse as a student at age 19.

Twitter user Sarah J shared photos of the beautiful couple with the caption: “Its my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and I cannot deal!!”

“My grandpa went to study in England and met my grandma as a student. wayyyyy backkkkkkk in the day," she added.

“My grandma was 19, she dropped everything and followed my grandpa back to Nigeria. Now they been married 60 years.

“Yall. Love exists for real," Sarah tweeted.


  1. Well done to both. I know they would have met with untold challenges. Many happy returns.

  2. Beautifully done Adeola Fayehun. CONGRATULATIONS on this 60th Wedding Anniversary.?God bless you both. Who says inter-racial marriage doesn't work? We all are the same . We all are God's hand made; created in His image.