Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nigerian court sentences man to death by hanging for stealing $11

An Osun State High Court in Osogbo has sentenced a 40-year-old man, Kayode Adedeji, to death by hanging for robbing a woman of N3,420 (about $10.9).

The sentence was handed down to Mr. Adedeji on Wednesday although the crime was committed on April 25, 2009.

The prosecuting counsel from the state ministry of justice, Elisabeth Alabi, had told the court that Mr. Adedeji robbed one Omowumi Adebayo at Bolorunduro area in Ilesa of the money armed with a knife at midnight.

The prosecution also claimed that the robber also had other dangerous weapons during his attack on Mrs. Adebayo’s residence.

Mr. Adedeji was said to have fled the scene of the robbery but was trailed and arrested by some members of the Oodua Peoples Congress in the area.

He pleaded not guilty to the one count charge of armed robbery when he was arraigned about eight years ago and was granted bail.

According to Mrs. Alabi, the convcict abused the bail privilege by committing another offence which led to his remand in Ilesa prison.

She ruled that the offence ran foul of the law and punishable under Section 11(2)(A) CAPR II, Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004.

The presiding judge, Kudirat Akano, found Mr. Adedeji guilty of the crime and convicted him.

The defence counsel, Tunde Adedokun, prayed the court to be lenient and merciful in her judgment, but she ordered that Mr. Adedeji be put to death by hanging.

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  1. Wow ��. For robbing and committing another crime he was sentenced to death by hanging. What will happen to Aregbesola the governor that has robbed the state as a whole of charges to court. God will never forgive this judge.

    1. Aregbesola stole not robbery. While I would please for leniency on his behave, the Bible says a robber either come to steal or to kill. In some cases the result is both. If situation changed in the process of robbery, he may have killed the woman. A similar case happened in Lagos when in the process of robbery with similar weapon (knife) the mother-in-law woke up because of the strange noise in the apartment, the robber ended killing 2 people. He was apprehended same way. Do not forget that the robber didn't know how much the woman has. So the amount is irrelevant to the prosecussion. Robbery with dangerous weapon is punishable by death sentence, still I plead that the sentence be commuted to jail term. Life we do not give we should not take. This applies to both the law and robbers.

    2. Mr Olabode (NY) I must be sincere with you, I love your comment, I love when ppl reason like you. Hope ppl will learn from dat thanks

  2. Thr Judge is high on Oshogbo weed!!!!!!

  3. Do you know how many lives have been cut short due to the stealing Aregbesola is doing in OSUN and it was never in the news that the guy used the weapon on the victim, am not supporting robbery and not preaching people should use hardship to justify robbing people or using weapon to take people's property. But that was too harsh of a judgement is my concern