Friday, May 19, 2017

Thieves caught on Arik Air flight from Lagos to Abuja (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Two thieves were caught red handed this morning while stealing money from a passenger's bag and transferring to their own on Arik Air flight from Lagos to Abuja.

According to Japheth Omojuwa who shared the story on his Twitter page, the Friday’s incident was not the first time, but when they catch them, the thieves would claim, "sorry, I thought it was my bag..."

The police were alerted as soon as the incident happened on air and the thief was arrested on arrival.

He tweeted: “The authorities were alerted as soon as the incident happened when we were airborne. They came in on arrival.

“They are now being led away by the authorities. I don't know how many years for stealing in the air. LOL.

“The purpose of paying for and boarding the flight was to steal. He had an empty hand luggage. Enough space to put stolen cash.

“There is a gang. The Arik attendants on board were certain this person wasn't alone on this one until they discovered the 2nd guy.

“The captain explaining how the incident happened. Thumbs up to Arik. They had a spy to watch out because the thieves had been on a run. 

“Quick tip, always make sure to sit across from your luggage, so that you can see it from where you are seated in the plane.

“So, instead of having your luggage directly on top of your seat,have it in the opposite direction. You sit left, luggage goes right. In view

“I understand the thieves board early, they monitor those who aren't seated with their hand luggage in view. Wait for time to operate.

“I also noted that this operation likely happens mostly on very early flights. More people sleep during such flight b/c they woke up 2 early.

“Flight ticket is average N25k. They are able to steal as much as N1m/flight. They often do more. Heard of $75k on a PH/Lagos flight.

 “Arik Air actually had someone pose like a regular passenger seated far behind pretending to be asleep. That person saw everything

“They used to catch them before they complete the cash transfer, but the thieves would claim, "sorry, I thought it was my bag…"

"This time though, the spy let them complete the transfer before making his own move. They were caught literally in the act."

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