Friday, February 3, 2017

Widow disrupts meeting attended by Tanzania's President Magufuli, gets his empathy (VIDEO)

A courageous woman disrupted a public meeting attended by Tanzania’s President John Magufuli in the main city of Dar es Salaam and drew the president's attention and favour.

She appealed to him to act against people whom she accused of conspiring to deprive her of her late husband's properties.

Ms Shoshi, as she was identified by government-owned Daily News, caused a commotion during Law Day, an annual event organised by the judiciary to provide legal education and legal aid.

According to a video shared online, she caught Mr Magufuli's attention, leading him to order policemen to allow her to come near the dais where he was seated.

Ms Shoshi then went on to narrate how the court system has frustrated her inheritance case by issuing conflicting orders and that she had received death threats.

The paper reports that Ms Shoshi is a widow and a Kenyan citizen who was married to a Tanzanian and lived in the northern region of Tanga.

Narrating her complaints, the woman reportedly said she has been blocked by dishonest members of the Judiciary, police and private advocates from securing the right to gain control of property left by her departed husband, Mohamed Shosi, who died in 2012.

"I have come all the way from Tanga just to meet Mr President after the failure of all efforts that I have so far taken," she reportedly said.

According to The Citizen newspaper, Shoshi explained how she met Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ernest Mangu, DPP Biswalo Mganga, Minister of Constitution and Legal Affairs Dr Harrison Mwakyembe, Attorney General George Masaju as well as Home Affairs minister Mwigulu Nchemba. But all that came to naught.

The president ordered the judges to speedily listen to her case. He also directed the chief justice, who was present, to give the woman his phone number so that she can follow up with him on the case's progress.

Mr Magufuli also ordered the police boss to ensure that Ms Shoshi gets full protection.


  1. The Tanzanian President is indeed a good leader. Ever since he took office he has proven to be a man of the people. What just happened here showed that he is committed to dispense his oath of office to his best of his abilities. I know many African Presidents who would have let their security details man-handle that woman and throw her out BUT he didn't. If I were Tanzanian I would have voted for Magufuli too.

  2. It is always nice to give people a platform to speak. Thanks Mr Presidents for giving this woman an ear...... This is one case which can be done for many others going through the same. Welldone Mr President