Wednesday, February 8, 2017

VIDEO: Soldiers brutalize physically-challenged man in Onitsha 'for wearing camouflage'

Soldiers on Tuesday threw away a physically-challenged man's wheelchair and brutalized him allegedly for wearing a camouflage.

According to a video posted online by Instablog9ja, the soldiers are seen flogging and dragging the man on the ground as passersby watch helplessly.

The incident reportedly happened in Onitsha, Anambra State, according to some social media users.

The soldiers afterwards dumped him beside the road and left in a Military Police van.


  1. It shall never be well with these devils, curse upon their generation unborn

  2. The question is,why was he wearing it? D situation in Nigeria does not warrant any body wear what u are not bc a lot of people wear and disguise in d uniform or any thing that the army use to rob, attack other citizens like Boko Haram. Beating him I do not agree to it but d truth is that why did he wear it? U are not an army...

    1. That does not justify physical assault. This is the problem we have in Nigeria. The military think they are gods and can't be touched because they wear a camouflaged they don't even respect themselves. The military are meant to be seen in action outside a country when it is either defending it's country patriotically or at war but when they are inside their country, they are like any other civilian that could be arrested by the police if they misbehave. Trust me in the States, UK and the rest you don't see the military misbehaving inside their country. You don't even see them moving around in their military attire inside their own country because first of all there are no reasons to wear them inside as it is called camouflaged, it is built for blending situations like in the forest. More over, the military except the ones in Africa don't like wearing their attire when inside their country. I have a cousin who is in the US ARMY and trust me, he gets his camouflage off any chance he gets while inside the US. But for some messed up reason African military love wearing them just because they feel it's something they gives them super power to misbehave. You know a country is seriously failing when people get away with this type of things. So disappointed really.

    2. Baptista travel something is not right with u 4 u to support this evil is so unbelievable. Those criminals in the Senate n govt houses stealing billions has anything happen to them. Those are the real criminals the problem we have in Nigeria. Cos a physically disabled man wore a cloth they shld murder him. Their own judgement will be worst than what they did to this innocence man.