Saturday, February 11, 2017

Soldier arrested with pistol in Mosque as Gambia's Barrow prays

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow was reportedly rushed out of a mosque in the country’s island capital after an off-duty soldier of The Gambia Armed Forces was found with a pistol.

Gambia's Smbc News reported that the soldier was arrested by ECOMIG troops for being in possession of a pistol inside the King Fahad Mosque.

The report said Baboucarr Njie, a personnel of The Gambia National Army is detained and being questioned.

Njie reportedly said he came with the gun to the mosque to hand over the weapon to Gambian security forces at the presidential compound, The State House.

Security sources told Smbc News that Njie claimed he had being around The State House but saw no Gambian soldier outside to talk to and decided to go to the mosque for Friday prayers.

The State House is currently under the security of the ECOMIG troops, who were deployed last month to secure the capital and ensure the safety of President Barrow after Jammeh refused to cede power.

According to Smbc News, President Adama Barrow had ordered for all Gambian soldiers to be disarmed. The West African troops demobilized the local army and Barrow warned those found with weapons without his authority would be regarded and treated as rebels.

ECOMIG forces will have their troops reduced to 500 from 7000 and their mandate has been extended to May and subject to renewal, said State House Press Secretary Amie Bojang-Sisohore.

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