Thursday, February 16, 2017

Man discovers 32-year-old only 'son' is not his child, breaks down on national TV (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A middle aged Nigerian man suffered an emotional, public breakdown on a popular British television show when he learned he was not the biological father of his 32-year-old only son.

Valentine and his son Oscar appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show seeking answers after the mother of his child recently raised questions about the man's paternity.

The two men appeared on the program to take a DNA test and learn the truth about about Oscar's biological father.

The man who raised Oscar shared how he paid for his son to move from Nigeria to Britain decades ago and attend school there, as photos of the proud Dad appeared for the audience to see, standing beside Oscar on his graduation.

The moment of truth arrived to reveal Valentine was not Oscar's biological father, and the distraught man let out the most gut-wrenching cry.

Bursting into tears and clutching his face, the news was obviously too difficult for the man to process, and audience members were also moved by the revelation.

"Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related", Kyle told him.

"It takes a man to look after a kid. Nothing can break that bond."

A number of viewers shared empathy on social media for Valentine and the man he raised as his son, with one calling the episode the "saddest Jeremy Kyle ever" on Twitter.

Another tweeted: “That was sad, i feel for them...But that noise he made, had me shook!!! #jeremykyle.”

Yahoo7 News/Jeremy Kyle Show

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