Sunday, February 26, 2017

Keeping It Real With Adeola 251 (EFCC Seizes 17 Vehicles From Ex-Customs Boss; 14 African Countries Paying France For Benefits Of Colonialism)

This week on Keeping It Real, ex-NNPC boss, Andrew Yakubu, wants EFCC to return 'his' $9.8 million.

EFCC discovers 17 vehicles from ex-customs boss.

The court in Nigeria freezes 21 bank accounts linked to Senator Stella Oduah, the former aviation minister.

In Congo, 15 Hutus are massacred, and soldiers open fire on civilians.

Despite the fact that Internet is still down, a teenager from Southern Cameroon wins Google coding competition.

14 African countries are still paying France for benefits of colonialism.

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe celebrates his 93rd birthday with $1 million. Also, the first lady of Zimbabwe is ready to field his dead body in the ballot if Mugabe dies before the next election.

Xenophobic attacks continue in Souther Africa with locals holding an anti-immigrant protest.

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  1. The only thing Nigerian politicians are good at doing for the past 57 years and before the independence is just to LIE to its citizens....... they are all liars,we are a nation that has allowed scammers rule us for many years and this has to stop immediately because we have lies repeated years after years.

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