Saturday, February 4, 2017

2face Idibia cancels planned anti-government protest

Nigerian music icon, Tuface Idibia, on Saturday night announced the cancellation of his planned nationwide protest over government’s alleged inaction in the face of worsening economic crisis in the country.

He took to his Instagram page and posted a video with the caption: "Dear Nigerians!!! Due to security concerns and public safety consideration. I hereby announce the cancellation of the planned March."

The Nigeria Police Force had on Friday called on the singer and others planning the protest for February 6 to immediately shelve the plan.

In a statement issued late Friday from the Force Headquarters in Abuja and signed by police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, the police said there was credible intelligence that the demonstration could turn violent.

“Innocent Idibia (a.k.a Tuface) and his group are hereby strongly advised to shelve their planned peaceful protest/demonstration in the interest of peace and security,” the police said.

Mr. Idibia called the “massive nationwide protest” about two weeks ago.


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  2. Chai! Chai! dia is God o! IGBUDU. .....Nigeria is hell on earth!

  3. With due respect to 2face and his concerns for Nigerians and fully understanding the difficulties faced by Nigerians. I have gone through the list of grievances posted as reasons for staging protest in the Country. The change to worse as witnessed in Nigeria is not peculiar to Nigeria at this point in time .I am currently residing in a country that is almost like Nigeria in terms economic development. For some years before the recent global economic crisis, the currency here had equal value to Nigeria's currency, that is to say. if I sent 150000 of their currency, my people back home received 150000 naira. So when the world crisis started, the Naira value fell and here the currency also fell to almost the same level, forcing me to come to the conclusion that the misgivings in many developing countries are engineered by forces outside our respective countries, irrespective of the Political set up or who is power. So when I hear people pouring blame on the the President for the rise in Tomatoe prices or petrol, I wish I could rich out to them, to inform them that, the same situation holds here where there is no Buhari, APC or PDP. The simple truth is that none of the Political leaders in developing nations is given the political free will by the forces that countrol global economy to chart the course for effective National development.Those that have the vision are easily branded dictators and forced out of power.There are global forces that benefit from the chaos in most so-called democratic developing countries.Having said this, I am not in any way justifying the high corruption rate among Nigerian Political elites. I am of the opinion that Every Nigerian should contribute in their respective capacities to curb corruption and any leader bold enough to champion the course of fighting corruption in Nigeria should get the support of those who really love Nigeria