Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cameroon cuts Internet in English-speaking regions

Cameroonian government has disabled Internet connections in the major towns of the English-speaking regions. This comes as the ongoing months-long strike by the Anglophone lawyers and teachers intensifies.

Agbor Gideon owns a shop that provides Internet services to students and researchers at the University of Bamenda in the northwest region of Cameroon. He says his suppliers disconnected Internet connection to his neighborhood Tuesday.

"They are stepping on our rights. They are stepping on the rights of the people to use internet because it blocks so many things," said Agbor Gideon, an internet café owner near the University of Bemenda.

"There are people whose businesses are based on the internet so it is going to add to the hardship."

The Anglophone regions have been complaining about being sidelined by the French speaking regions for years before the recent protests.

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  1. We will win this time. Our president is full of evil. He is a disgrace to old age