Sex before marriage is a taboo, young people must keep their virginity - Ayade - Adeola Fayehun


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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sex before marriage is a taboo, young people must keep their virginity - Ayade

Cross River Governor Ben Ayade has said that sex before marriage is a taboo, adding that the only way to prevent HIV/AIDS was for young people to remain virgins until they get married.

Mr. Ayade said this on Thursday in Calabar at the commemoration of the 2016 World AIDS Day celebration.

He said: “The absolute factor that can put an end to HIV/AIDS spread is total loyalty and abstinence.

“Married couples must be faithful to their partners. Young people must remain virgins until they get married and never allow any barber to use unsterilised clipper to cut your hair.

“Whatever the story, AIDS is real, it is a scourge, you must avoid it.’’

He added that the time has come to teach young people the true African culture where sex before marriage is a taboo.

The governor described the usage of condom `campaign’ as creating a false feeling of protection because it has not helped in stopping the scourge.

“Rather, it increases the level of promiscuity among the younger generation and encouraged unfaithfulness’’.


  1. Well, I don't know. Isn't it too radical? You can get HIV/AIDS from your mom if he is infected while pregnant. And as I heard, right now there are some pills exist that HIV/AIDS can take to have a safe sex and to stop the virus spreading. Yet, those pills are to be taken several times a day, for a long time before the fist sex and till the rest of HIV/AIDS person life. And, yeah, a condom is not a 100% guarantee but it is more than 80% anyway. So... I don't believe that radical changes and cultivation of being virgin before marriage will help. On the other hand, if you look at, it may even hurt, as a lot of new psychological disorders may come in exchange.


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