Thursday, December 1, 2016

PHOTOS: Gambians vote with marbles to curb election fraud

The Gambia is holding its presidential election today by voting with marbles in order to curb election fraud.
Each voting booth has three metal drums representing the three presidential candidates contesting for office.

Voters enter a private area curtained off where they drop a marble into one of the three drums that are painted with the party colors and emblems, and a bell rings confirming a vote has been cast.

Officials demonstrating how votes would be counted

Sawdust or sand is sprinkled on the bottom of the barrel so that no second sound is heard.
The vice-president of the Independent Electoral Commission, Malleh Sallah, said the Gambian Public Works department came up with the marble idea six decades ago.
 "It's unique and we are very proud of it," he said. 

Electoral officials say the system eliminates spoilt ballots and allows uneducated Gambians to vote without any problem. Officials said this method also ensures only one vote is cast per person.

About 880,000 eligible voters are expected to vote in this election

                               Officials demonstrating how votes would be counted

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  1. Even in this current day and age, such an outdated system is still being celebrated,.

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  2. simply brilliant ,less money wasted more transparent .and quicker result