Sunday, December 11, 2016

Keeping It Real With Adeola - 242 (The Truth About MMM; Cameroon Soldiers Kill Protesters)

This week on Keeping It Real, Cameroonian soldiers kill four protesters in Bamenda and brutalize students of Buea University for protesting.

Is MMM a scam? find out in this episode.


  1. thanks Adeola for keeping it real, its been a war declared on us lately by our useless Government. ill send you video of a police pointing and shooting to an unarmed protester in Bamenda. if the stupid president was concerned about his people he would have given a speech but he completely handed everything to the military to handle..
    What a shame

  2. Adeola you are fantastic. Love to see your videos.
    Thanks for explaining MMM pyramide.

    Klaus (Germoney)

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  4. My mind goes out to Cameroonians whose family were been tortured or killed by the forces. But this is not happening only in Cameroon, it happened here in Nigeria too on Friday 10th of this month when the officers of Nigeria Police Force shot at the protesting students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho. The students while registering their grievances through a peaceful protest over the strike that the school has embarked on for over six months due to failure of the school's two visitors, Oyo and Osun State Government to settle their 23months unpaid debt.

  5. Lying to the International Community that Cameroon is a peaceful country is over. There might be no domestic resolution now but things will never be the same. New resolutions are coming. Matter of time.
    There is lack of intellectual honesty in dialogue at all level of the system because France does not want any changes. They want the status quo to continue by all means. They refused to see facts. They are only worried with the Post Biya Succession to avoid a power vacuum in the CPDM démocratie avancée.
    We don´t have "police camerounaise" to protect the citizens. We have the French creation of "police camerounaise" to protect their property, Cameroun. A group of more than twenty "police camerounaise" beating an umarmed Patriot to dead and whose only crime is standing up to demand a change for a better life? Do the police even know when to use the deadly force? Will they be in control if the population was armed? Do they have an anger management? etc. They want to blame the people wanting a change,in a country that has no leadership, no agenda and is corrupt?

  6. Nigeria like Cameroon, they don´t know the meaning Dialogue. When the Boko Haram started, they refused to dialogue and see where it is now. Nigeria learned nothing from the Biafran genocide. Cameroon is in war against an utopia Boko Haram. We saw images of police brutality, using deadly force against peaceful rally in Southern Cameroons. We have never seen such images of brutality by "police camerounaise" against Boko Haram.