Monday, December 5, 2016

I'm embarrassed to share country with some "imbeciles and morons" - Soyinka threatens to exit Nigeria

Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka has threatened to exit Nigeria, saying he is embarrassed to be in the same country as “imbeciles and morons”.

Soyinka said this on Monday in response to reactions of Nigerians to his threat to tear his green card, after Donald Trump emerged the US president-elect.

Speaking to reporters today at a media event held at Freedom Park on Lagos Island, Mr. Soyinka said: "I should not be exiting the United States but Nigeria because the people on behalf of whom one has struggled all one’s life can be so slavish in mentality as to start querying the right of their champion to free speech."

"I am embarrassed to occupy the same space as some imbeciles and morons," adding that the exit from Nigeria can be "internal" or "external".

He also threatened to move the residency of his foundation, the Wole Soyinka Foundation, out of Nigeria and dared anybody to criticize his decision.

"If the board agrees," he said, "I will move the residency of my foundation out of the country," he said.

He added that on the inauguration of the US president-elect, Donald Trump, he would hold a private funeral wake to mourn the death of common sense in Nigeria.

The Nobel laureate expressed his anger at many Nigerians who had taken to the social media to criticize his comment.

He said: "We worked to make sure the least important person in our society enjoys freedom of expression. When I decide to take this same action [use his freedom of speech], I don’t want people whom we have fought for to enjoy freedom of expression to start all kinds of vulgar and stupid commentaries.

"Barbarians have taken over this community using the anonymity, most of the time, of the Internet to sit somewhere and start writing rubbish, questioning the right of people like me to express ourselves."

"What is the business of any stupid Nigerian to open his or her mouth to challenge my right? Did you get the green card for me? The arrogance of some Nigerians is overwhelming, and I don’t interfere, so how dare you interfere with me?" he said.

He asked: “Why do Nigerians wail louder than the bereaved?”

He said, "I call my green card Jimmy Carter’s card because he got it for me and, as a matter of fact, I did not ask for it."


  1. You may kindly leave sir. God bless you

    1. When Cocoa House and the Radio Station were bombed in Ibadan post independence, it was not done by the Military, it was the onset of Terrorism in Nigeria. The seeds of terror was also that of Campus Cults and only in Nigeria will you see persons who should be remorsefully repenting, carry their heads up as leaders, of who?

  2. Sir, you are too revered worldwide to allow yourself to pay any attention to the frivolities of little minded people on the internet talk less of dignifying them with a response. The whole world knows that if Nigerians are truly a great people they would never allow themselves to be ruled by looters and thieves. Having used your entire life to fight for a better society, there is nothing wrong if you decide to keep residing in the USA, it is your right.

  3. Baba, you are my role model but... I understand your frustration, trust me sir, I do. But in retrospection, I wish you had weighed your comment on the green card. Despite your inalienable right to freedom of speech, I humbly dare opine that you shouldn't have condescended to making such a casually pedestrian comment. I beg your pardon sir. ...Eyin omo naijiria rere, e respect ara yin o. Efi baba onibaba le o. Iyen na dey to yin o.

  4. Thank you sir for your sacrifices......

  5. Sir, It seems you don't expect those "morons and imbeciles" to excercise their rights to freedom of speech as well. If you have that right to say whatever you like, I believe they have same rights. I am your fan and am a little disappointed that Trumps election can force you to put yourself out there. You are a role model to a lot of people and you should never cease from carrying yourself with such importance.

  6. Wole Soyinka is a rare gem, we love him so much.
    Please stay in Nigeria.

  7. Pls notify me when you leave nigeria...let me use your space for business

  8. Pls notify me when you leave nigeria...let me use your space for business

  9. Now fingers are pointing to Africa most especially NIGERIA ....... Donald Trump make fun if us (Africa)now our mr Wole want to leave ...... can't change my color anyway am sorry my unborn children