Friday, December 9, 2016

Gambia's President Jammeh rejects election result, wants fresh poll

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh on Friday rejected the result of the election which he lost earlier this month.

Speaking on state TV, he said: "After a thorough investigation, I have decided to reject the outcome of the recent election. I lament serious and unacceptable abnormalities which have reportedly transpired during the electoral process."

"I recommend fresh and transparent elections which will be officiated by a god-fearing and independent electoral commission."

"I want elections free from foreign influence, we will never be enslaved or colonized twice. Their invention will not change anything," he said.

Official election results from the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) gave Adama Barrow 45.5 percent of the vote against Jammeh's 36.7 percent.

Jammeh had conceded defeat and Barrow was getting set to take over in late January following a transition period.

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  1. This should serve as a bitter lesson to African politicians. When I read the comments of the party leader of the opposition party after the announcement of the elections result, with regard to the threats and plans to bring the incumbent president to ridicule and justice including measures to prevent him from leaving The Gambia and disposses him of the 'treasure' allegedly buried in his farm in the south of Gambia, I knew this would happen. Why will African politicians seek to ridicule, punish, and humiliate an incumbent president on loosing and conceding defeat in a presidential election? And stupidly so even before the new government is inaugurated?. What is the problem of the African for Gods sake? When will they have sense of being magnanimous in victory and respect a man who has ruled his country (writerly or wrongly) for 22 years.
    Now Madam party leader, what are you going to do? Even when the incumbent president invited the president elect for a chat, you wouldn't let him go, preferring to hide him somewhere. Now you have provoked a 22year president to withdraw the validity of the election he earlier conceded defeat; see what crises and instability you are going to bring to The Gambia. What a shame?

    1. The effect of immaturity.
      But d two parties must prevent a civil war in that country. Because it is the poor masses that will suffer.

    2. What in the world are you talking about. Accepting defeat is now contingent on real or perceived magnanimity of the winner? You ask what's the problem with Africans? Please look in the mirror! Power belong to the people. Any leader worthy of respect must accept that unconditionally. Even if the winner is a jerk!

  2. The President elect should have just kept his mouth shut. Can't agree less with you.

  3. The incumbent president should simply honour his word. He conceded earlier, so why the change of mind? He can't be ruling the small poor West African country forever. If he didn't change the Gambians in the last 22 years, he can't change them even if he rules forever.

  4. The party leader created this problem and if care is not taken the tiny west African country would bein political turmoil. God forbid.