Friday, December 2, 2016

Buhari approves N522b for States to pay salary, pension arrears, help economy

President Buhari on Friday approved the disbursement of N522 billion to States, to enable them pay salary and pension arrears, and put money in Nigeria's economy.

Mr Buhari in a statement on Friday evening said: "Today Nigeria and Morocco signed an Agreement aimed at making us self-sufficient in fertilizer production. We will work to implement it."

"I have approved the disbursement of 522 billion naira to States, to enable them pay salary & pension arrears, and put money in the economy

We have stipulated that at least 50% of the funds should be dedicated to salaries &pensions, & will audit disbursements to ensure compliance

The Ministry of Finance is currently processing the first batch of 153 billion naira, which, I am told, will be released to 14 States."

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  1. Only 50% for the stated purpose? Is the remaining half a bribe for the state Governors?



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