Saturday, December 24, 2016

23-year-old Gambian woman shot dead at work in Wisconsin

The Gambian community in Madison Wisconsin has been hit with tragedy after a 23-year-old lady, Fatoumata Jallow, who moved to the U.S. a few months ago, was shot dead while at work.

The tragedy happened when one of Fatou’s coworkers who was not working on Wednesday evening came to his work place and shot two of his coworkers, killing one of them on the spot and the other was rushed to the hospital and was undergoing surgery.

According to, Fatou Jallow who is a daughter of Sankulaye Jallow of Madison Wisconsin was killed on the spot.

Fatoumata Jallow. Photo credit: Gainako
The shooter, reportedly a young Somalian, fled the scene in his vehicle and crashed into another car while fleeing the scene.

He was arrested by police on the spot and was taken to custody by Madison police.

According to initial reports reaching Gainako, the alleged killer confessed to police, and a short hand gun was recovered at the shooting scene.

No reason was given for the killings and police are now investigating the crime.

According to the family, Fatou is a quiet but brilliant young lady who just immigrated to the United States last summer to join her dad and his family.

She was beautiful, loving and full of life. She was the only daughter her mom had and she was working to help take care of the family.

This tragic incident occurred Wednesday evening around 6pm US Central time.

The family is devastated with this news and are searching for answers to what may have happened leading to this murder in cold blood.

The Gambian community in Madison are paying their respect to Sankulay and his family.

Mr. Jallow is well-known in the Gambian communities as a professional photographer and a host of local Radio show in Madison.

He is well liked and a great family man. Efforts are being made by the community to make funeral arrangements while the police investigate what exactly may have led to the incident.


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