VIDEOS, PICTURES: Cameroon soldiers brutalize students of Buea University for protesting - Adeola Fayehun


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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

VIDEOS, PICTURES: Cameroon soldiers brutalize students of Buea University for protesting

Security forces in Cameroon have descended on students at the University of Buea, in the South West province of the country, for protesting the payment of 10,000 FCFA ($20) as late registration fee.


The students were also protesting the non-payment of national scholarship, known as MINESUP, meant for students who have excellent record, a source said. 

According to the source, for two academic years, these students have been forced to pay their tuition despite making the required GPA to qualify for the scholarship. For three months, these students have been asking for this scholarship by writing official letters to the school authority and the ministry of education with no response.

It was gathered that the students got proper permit to protest from the mayor of Buea before protesting on campus.
In the video below, students are seen shouting “No Violence” during their peaceful march.

In response, soldiers reportedly acting on orders from President Paul Biya, beat up, torture, and arrest the students. According to reports, about 200 students are presently being tortured at the SONARA military base in Limbe.

The soldiers broke into hostels and students’ apartment buildings, torturing and arresting students from 4:00 p.m on Monday till late in the evening.

Sources say Paul Biya pays the military generously. For example, a corporal in the army is reportedly paid more than a medical doctor. 

The government of Cameroon has been trying to censor the internet. It claims the social media is now the greatest terrorist in the world.


  1. The bestiality in Cameroon goes on. It has been so for over 50 years. The difference now is that there are instant pictures to show them.

    A regime cannot in this day and age be allowed to rob a people off of everything. English-speaking Cameroon must become a federal state as used to be the case or become a separate nation.

    The United Nations has been silent for far too too long. The civilized world can't allow such to continue.

  2. I'm a Canadain and we need to either help or bring this up at the United nations. This needs to stop. Why isn't this in the news papers. Why isn't my government helping the poor souls who get beaten. Everyone on this planet has a right to freedom of speech. And to protect them selfsame and their families. I would welcome you to my country with open arms as long as your not a criminal. I'm sorry that we as the human race ignore these issues. I pray for you all.


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