Friday, November 11, 2016

VIDEO: White South African forces black boy into a coffin, threatens to set fire to it

A disturbing video shows the moment a white South African man forcefully puts a wailing black man into a coffin and threatens to set fire to it.

In the footage, which has gone viral online, the unidentified white man thought to be a farmer is seen putting the lid on the coffin after squeezing the victim inside.

He dropped a large stick in order to cram the clearly petrified black man into the casket. He ordered him to get in saying "I want to throw some petrol"

A second male, holding the camera is heard threatening to put a snake in the casket with the young black man. 

The two white men are heard yelling in Afrikaans and Zulu, spoken mainly by South Africans.

One of the commentators on the video, Missy T-kee, claims she is from South Africa.
Below is her interpretation of what transpired.
“The guy putting the lid on the coffin tells the man inside the coffin, to talk (he probably has information about something that happened on their farm) so this is their way of trying to get information out of him. They also threaten to put a snake inside the coffin and throw gas on it. This is the crap that goes on in South Africa. My home country, it breaks my heart. it’s so wrong. both white and black innocent human beings lose their lives daily, because of racial war and genocide. It’s just awful”

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