Wednesday, November 16, 2016

PHOTOS, VIDEO: "They've stolen our future" - Charlyboy, youths shut down National Assembly with anti-corruption protest

Popular media personality, Charlyboy, also known as AreaFada, stormed the National Assembly with other protesters, to kick against corruption by Nigerian lawmakers, who "have stolen the future of the youths".
The protest, which caused traffic gridlock, forced the National Assembly leadership and workers to use alternative route to the complex.

The protesters were members of a group known as “Occupy Unlimited,” which is a civil society group that advocates good governance and a corruption-free society.

The AreaFada said: "Corrupt leadership has been killing ordinary Nigerians slowly and steadily over the years.
“It is time to properly define it as murder in disguise, and treat as treasonable offence against our dear country."
“Over 180 million people are surviving at the mercy of few politicians who have mastered the art of creating division among her own people through religion, ethnicity, corruption, and frivolous issues.”
“This is a process of holding politicians accountable not only to their promises, but in their service to the Nigerian nation.
“We are a coalition of ordinary Nigerians from different parts of the country, with no political affiliations; we believe in the interest of our country.
“We also believe strongly in the fight against corruption by President Muhammadu Buhari.”
The group was also advocating for unicameral legislature for Nigeria to reduce cost of governance.
“Lawmakers must begin a process of reducing the Bi-Cameral Legislature to Uni-Cameral Legislature.
“Let them initiate the process of a referendum to review the Constitution, specifically with the aim of Scrapping the Senate.

Charlyboy added: “I am here to encourage them because when next we come here, the whole place will be filled up. This is a movement and I am telling the young Nigerian youths that if you do not do something about your future because your future has been stolen. So if you don’t fight to retrieve it, you will die for nothing in this country. They will be nothing for you if you don’t agitate."

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