Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Keeping It Real With Adeola - Eps 236 (Before Nigeria Borrows $29bn; A Black Day In Cameroon)

This week on Keeping It Real, Adeola urged the Nigerian government to deal with mismanagement among government officials before borrowing more money.

In Cameroon, Oct. 21st became a black day after landslides and train derailment killed so many.

In Togo, a woman, Farida Nabourema, is challenging the corrupt government of Gnassingbe, the family that has ruled the nation for 49 years.


  Also, find out how some older women in Kenya defend themselves against rapists.

Did Angola ban Islam? Find out from this episode and much more stories.

Lastly, don't forget to write your comment on whether Africans should leave or remain part of the ICC.


  1. keep keeping it real my dear i just so much love your findings and news a Cameroonian based in UAE.may GOD bless you with more wisdom to pass information to the world.

  2. Love the way you put it. �� ��