Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2 white South Africans arrested over video of a black man forced into a coffin

Two white South Africans who were filmed forcing a black young man into a coffin in a video that has gone viral online have been arrested.
The men reportedly face charges of "kidnapping and assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm".
The men are due to appear in the Middleburg Magistrate Court on Wednesday.
The 20 second video showed a white man forcing a black man inside a coffin, and threatening to pour petrol over him and set it alight.

According to eNCA website, the incident took place at JM De Beer Boerdery nexy to Komati Power Station, close to Middelburg in Mpumalanga.
The video has caused widespread outrage.

The victim, Victor Rethabile Mlotshwa, was resisting and could be heard screaming as his captors - named as Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jacksonthen - threatened to put a snake inside the coffin.
It is not clear what happened to Mr Mlotshwa after the filming ended.
The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said: "This humiliation can be based on nothing else but his blackness, which means it is in actual fact a humiliation of black people as a whole."
"The leadership of the EFF will be attending the court proceedings. We believe that is one of the important cases that still proves the place of black people in this society."
"There is no way that, that black man would've been treated like that except because of the colour of his skin."
"His story is he was assaulted because they said that he was invading and they beat him up and tried to put him, as we all saw, in a coffin."
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