Saturday, October 29, 2016

State of emergency: Ethiopians face 5 years in jail for posting about political unrest on Facebook

The Ethiopian government has announced up to five years jail time for any social media user that posts updates on the growing political unrest of the country on Facebook.

This is one of the series of measures under a six-month “state of emergency” recently declared by the government.

Since protests began a year ago, the government has imposed a blanket ban on mobile Internet services and restrictions on text message platforms like WhatsApp.

This is mainly to prevent people from organizing protests as the government drives out Oromo and Amhara land owners in a bid to expand Addis Ababa.

Two Ethiopian TV stations based in the US, ESAT and the Oromia Media Network, have also been banned. Similarly, access to foreign-based media has been restricted, including Deutsche Welle and Voice of America, which both have popular Amharic stations.
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