Monday, October 3, 2016

More than 50 killed in Ethiopia's stampede


Oct. 2nd was the Oromo new year celebration in Ethiopia, but the day ended as one of the darkest days in Modern Ethiopia, with more than 50 dead.
Celebrants were marching when others joined them to protest the government’s expansion of Addis Ababa into the Oromo and Ahmara regions, where landowners and farmers are being forced out of their lands. 

About 2 million people had gathered when police tried to disperse them. Communications Minister Getachew Reda said the deaths were a result of stampede that ensued after police fired warning shots in the air. Calling the protesters “troublemakers.” However, opposition said police had fired live ammunitions into the crowd, saying some were killed by gunshots and others by the stampede that followed. Below are pictures and videos from the stampede

The Oromo are Ethiopia's largest ethnic group, comprising of at least a third of the country's 100 million population. The TPLF party has been in power since 1991.

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