Wednesday, July 6, 2016

When your life is worth nothing at the Federal Medical Center Bida (FMCB)

I am a Doctor in the federal medical Center Bida and it is high time someone spoke up about how healthcare is over here. Bida is a local government in Niger state, Nigeria. As Doctors in FMCB, our hands have literally been tied, our lips sealed shut while decay rules the day.

For the past two weeks and ongoing, the FMCB is experiencing the worst drought ever! No light, No diesel, No water, No Oxygen, More deaths!
The condition as so degenerated over the past days that we doctors and other healthcare worker bring flashlights to work. Patients are instructed to buy sachet water that we the doctors could use to wash our hands.
No light to run emergency operations or investigations; no oxygen…

It has gotten so bad that Doctors temporally Bring along small temporarily generators to help charge devices, pump water and light up certain parts of the hospital. Situation has really gone bad.

Where is the MD and what is he doing you may ask. Where are the internally generated funds going?
…. The MD doesn’t care! Dr. Usman Aminu, the MD, lives in Abuja most of the time; he lectures in Ilorin and to add salt to injury, he recently traveled for the Sallah celebration despite being fully aware of the present condition. 

 Two days ago, I witnessed a child rushed into the pediatric emergency unit… So sad, nothing was working… I watched this child die! No Oxygen, No light…. Nothing!
In the past one week the number of preventable deaths I have witnessed due to managerial faults is heart breaking. Neonatal mortality and infant Mortality rates have been on the rise in these past week in FMCB. Where is the MD? He is on Vacation.
Today [5th July, 2016], as I pen this, my heart bleeds. We lost two neonates today and about to lose more in respiratory distress, No oxygen. 

The only crime a patient would make is coming to the FMCB because the chances that they die is far higher that surviving…. (I reject it for you!)

Throughout the month of June, no power in the whole of Bida (As expected! After all, we are in Nigeria where things don’t work). That aside, the past two weeks and present in the FMCB is dining with darkness. 
Nothing works here anymore.

Who then is to blame? The federal Government or the Management, The MD?

The primary blame would be on the Federal government as usual and I completely agree with you but I Blame the Management of FMCB (Dr. Usman Aminu) more. I will explain why.

Let me begin with this maxim:  where there is will, there is the drive for change; where the head is smaller than the crown, the neck makes a fool of the opportunity.
Just as observed in every FG controlled Organization, The FG is directly involved in the selection of the MD of that organization. These appointed MD or ‘head’ then becomes unaccountable to anyone. Like other ‘heads’, they sing the common melody: “fund is limited”. Their pockets grow fatter. They assume a position of selfishness regardless of their subordinates’ pain.

Who should we blame for these deaths? The MD, Dr. Usman Aminu. He should be tried for murder, his license stripped away and he investigated by the EFCC. This cannot slide by as usual Mr. President. Let the change you promised begin here in Bida on The MD.

This by no way is a personal vendetta; you could come and ask for yourself…. Start by questioning the indigenes before staff of FMCB. You would hear far worse. I promise!

This cannot go on. Why is the MD still in power? Why is he still being paid? Why should this slide?
He pockets and diverts internally generated funds. He employs far less that required quota of staff (both interns and full time staff alike)…

Dear citizens of Nigeria, Help tell Mr. president that change has to come to the health sector. You might not be buoyant to travel abroad for health treatments. I could be your child, son, daughter, father, wife, husband, or mother tomorrow.
Let us call the health sector to order, it begins with YOU.

Would I be wrong if I am the one who speaks out? Would my job be threatened? Or better still, should I keep being the typical Nigerian who waits and prays while stroking the ego of decay and corruption? Should I be the lone voice in the whiteness? What would be my fate?
I care less! Then what do I care for? I care more for humanity. I care for healthcare in Nigeria. I care for actual change. It could be me tomorrow.

We doctors in FMCB need help and intervention…. FMCB should be renamed a mortuary. The management has made it so.
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  1. You should never expect better than this, when you select HYENA to look after a SHEEP. SELF CENTERED!!!

  2. This is unbearable..... GOD help us

  3. This is unbearable..... GOD help us

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  5. It is mind boggling how easy it is for obviously blatant lies to be so easily believed even by reasonably educated people.
    This writeup is nothing but a basket of lies, half truths and fabrications, period!
    Is he the only person in that hospital nay that community with conscience? Haba, I know this place and they have elites who care about their ppl too.
    Mr Ejeh and others, believe me.. your emotions are just being toyed with by a hatchet man/woman. Try and find your own way of verifying stuffs like this on these types of platforms. I have and I can only pity this " I'm a doctor in fed...." guy. It's so unfortunate how far ppl are willing to go just to destroy another person.
    Danjuma Mamman.

  6. Danjuma on point! Always verify before you judge!

  7. This is the exact situation here in FMC bida and I am a living witness.
    Just last week it took 4 days to get a blood donated for my friends wife, 1st reason was that there's no power to screen my blood, we had to wait till the next day, at about 11:00pm after successfully running all tests, there was no blood bag (just imagine). Now we had to wait till the following day and then we got another shocker, no power to preserve the blood so we had to wait till another day. Eventually on the forth day before I could donate the blood.

    Also, last week saturday my neighbour was due for a CS and was wheeled to the operating room, only for her to be wheeled out on the basis that there was no fuel in the generator to last for more than 1hr, the operation had to be done the following day in the afternoon.

    Although bida has been experiencing a total blackout for close to a month bit this should not affect an institution like FMC.

    The writer has spoken the naked truth, but I know some people who has no conscience will all come out to defend the management of FMC.

    Go to FMC Bida now, the only place where U can see light is the A&E. This is very not good.


  8. Every passing day, our President looks more like alame duck change ambassador. What Nigeria needs and we voted for is a holistic change to propel us to a national rebirth, not the shallow search for corruption that is not relief our pains.

    1. Every change will take a little time. Let us expose the corrupt people and institutions where corruption has been housed that is the first step. The corrupt people will be exposed, prosecuted and put to shame. Such actions if sustained will serve as a deterrent to prospective thieves.

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  11. This is terrible and totally unacceptable. One can only hope the situation has improved now.