Sunday, July 31, 2016

Keeping It Real With Adeola - Eps 224 (How Nigeria’s Budget Was Padded By $1.5B)

This week on Keeping It Real, find out how Nigeria’s national budget was padded by $1.5 billion.

In Ogun State, a Pastor chained his son for more than a month, accusing him of being possessed by the spirit of stealing. Adeola also addressed child abuse in Churches across Africa.

In Malawi, a man with HIV has been arrested after sleeping with 104 girls at the customary sex camp where girls are taught how to please men sexually.

In Gambia, there is an uproar when a Nigerian judge sentenced the main opposition leader to three years in prison.

In South Sudan, the first Vice-President is missing, and the president replaced him within 48 hours!

In Kenya, 100 schools were burnt within two months. Also, Kenyans deported musician Koffi Olomide for assaulting a woman. 

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