Sunday, July 17, 2016

Keeping It Real With Adeola - Eps 222 (Dino Melaye vs Tinubu, Gambia Bans Child Marriage)

This week on KIRWA, Nigerian workers continue to face hardship due  to several months of unpaid salaries. Meanwhile, senate leaders are trying to amend the constitution to grant themselves immunity and life pension. 

Also, did a Nigerian male senator threaten to beat up and impregnate a female senator at the chambers? Find out in this episode.

In Congo, Despite 15 years in power, President Joseph Kabila wants to run for third term. He also wants to delay this year's election by 4 years.

This week, Adeola applauds the Presidents of Gambia and Tanzania for banning child marriage. Also, find out why Gambians are saying President Yahya Jammeh recently robbed the Central Bank.

In Zimbabwe, protests against President Mugabe continues after the court dismissed the case against the organizer Pastor Evan Mawarire. 

Adeola also features the flooded Enugu-Onitsha road in Anambra, water scarcity in Kano, and the Power Holding Company of Nigeria buying generator.
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