Tuesday, May 10, 2016

VIDEO: "My wife slept with her boss" Says alleged wife killer - Lekan Shonde


On Friday morning, Ronke Shonde's body was discovered by neighbors.

On Monday, her husband who's also the only suspect - Lekan Shonde, surrendered himself to the Lagos State Police Command.

In this video, he explains that he caught his late wife on phone talking to another man she slept with, insisting he did not beat her.

"On phone, I heard her say 'Kayode' (The GM at her Uncle’s office), 'Kayode, the way you made love to me, my husband cannot do likewise. In fact I’m still sore.'

"My father said “See your life now? I told you not to marry someone from Ilorin."

He also told PUNCH reporters that "My father was against the union and he shunned our wedding. My mother is dead. My father, who is over 90 years, has been full of regret, saying he had warned me. She dated the manager of a publishing firm while still married to me.

“On that Thursday, after she said she had taken my N20,000, all I did was to slap her. I am sorry I did that. But even after that, I still bought moi-moi and pap for her when she said she would not cook. I took garri that night.
“She ate and suddenly started to vomit. I asked her what the problem was, but she said nothing. On Friday morning, she was still lying down when I left her. I even dropped the upkeep money that I always gave her and left for work.

“It was while at work that I was told the police visited the house and saw her corpse. I did not touch her and God is my witness.”

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