Friday, March 11, 2016

VIDEO: Male cadets of Nigerian Defence Academy maltreat female student

It was hard for me to watch this video, especially because her perpetrators found this amusing. I see them as coward!
 This bestial maltreatment of a female student happened at a Kaduna-based Nigerian Defence Academy.


  1. Don't get involved in military business. Please, that's their way.

    1. That is just nonsense!

  2. OMG! This is unbelievable. To make another human being go through this just because she wanted to become a security operative? The Nigerian government needs to look into this. No wonder the people in uniform behaves like animals when they are let loose on the streets on Nigeria.

  3. Those guys suppose to be arrested, in a nation where there is human right..crazy

  4. This is abuse not training. Rubbish those people need to be arrested

  5. It normal procedure even in America

  6. It normal procedure even in America

  7. Life sentences to all of those stupid trainer's... stupid. A womens are not strong enough like a men.this shows that you are not a professional trainers.

  8. Its not by this copra punishment("Minitry training")its about proper and intensive training on common intelligence required of a security operator Alas the essence of this "training will be defeated she will rather become rebellious and wicked to innocent civilians.God help our country.

  9. Unbelievable!!! What sort of unprofessional behavior is this? Training is supposed to be structured and purposeful not humiliating or inflicting pan for no damn reason...unacceptable!!!

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