Saturday, March 19, 2016

Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 206 (How Nigeria Can Be Great Like America)

This week on KIRWA, Adeola talks about how Nigeria can revamp its economy by learning from how America handled the Great Depression.

Also, Adeola addresses the flamboyant life-style of Nigerian lawmakers.

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  1. This Buhari na seriou mumu o! Haa Nigeria has made another mistake, see the way he was presenting why is it so hard to lead a country abi iwo oloun ma gbawa ooo. I didn't sleep on the night of election of this man all through with my pen and paper calculating the result and when he finally won I shouted the loudest Haleluyah i thought Heavenly Father has finally answered our prayer not knowing that our prayer has just started but I am quite sure Rhibadu will do it better but APC were too scared of him because they know he will come after each one of them

  2. Deola, I always love your presentation and your fashion alone is to see and report. I however think that what you said in 5 minutes is what the president said in a statement. "I will rather build infrastructure" I am sure you know that means roads, lots of schools all over the country. Such approach where people have to show up for some type of job is better than free money. Free money have the tendency to create dependence. I support the president on this.

    The most important thing at this point is the broad outlines of our strategies to bring real smile on the chicks of Cameroonians once again, especially the youths:
    1- Effective decentralization (Governor will not be appointed, but elected by the people, thereby regional resources will be used primarily to develop each region while taking into considerations other regions whose resources are limited).
    2- Our National currency. The back-bone of any emerging economy is the currency. We cannot continue to use a currency whose international inter-connectedness is not advantageous to our economy.
    3- The state in the economy (taxation system, creating a more vibrant private sector which creates jobs)
    4- Relationship with the Diaspora (creating a special ministry incharge the diaspora).
    5- Redifine the electoral code and the entire electoral system in Cameroon.
    6- The strict limitation of presidential mandates.
    7- National Reconciliation:
    (a) - USDP believes that injustice is the cause of most of societal plights. The regime of President Paul Biya is not different from other dictatorial regimes the world has experienced over the years. We believe that there is an anglophone problem in Cameroon which continues to create high level of injustice in our Cameroonian society. USDP wants to solve that problem by first of all calling on the sons and daughters of this great nation to seat on the same table and to talk quarely on those issues that menance the tranquility and peace of this great nation.
    (b) - Official Returning and State burial of the Mortal Remains of Late President AMADOU AHIDJO.
    8 - How to eliminate terrorism/Boko Haram in and along our borders
    (a) - To solve this Boko Haram matter, the fight must not have a totally military face/phase, but it must be attached also with a human face/phase. A human face/phase means that, there should be social, economic and humanitarian projects in all the areas which are under-developed, and less educated and less represented in all aspects in Cameroon. As a matter of fact, we must establish a political standard in Cameroon, but the standard should not be controlled by an individual or a certain group of individuals for a very long period of time, because when that happens, it creates political, social, economic, moral, and even spiritual stagnation.
    (b) - Another solution to the Boko Haram in Cameroon is the putting up of what I call National Intelligence Service (NIS), which will see the full participation of every citizen of Cameroon. This will be done through a series of strategic and popular sensitization of all Cameroonians to believe in their nation, because, I can assure us that as at now, many Cameroonians, especially the youths have lost conviction and a sense of belonging in anything called Cameroon as a nation. When citizens fail to love their nation, that nation becomes exposed to external and internal attacks. Our Creator, God, put it this way «thou shall love thy neighbour as thyself". Nation is people, and when people do not love themselves within the context of a nation, then, that nation cannot function properly. So, we shall build a new sense of national pride and cause all Cameroonians to be protective of their nation, just as Americans are too proud to be American and they call it, "God's own country". We shall make Cameroon to become God’s own country in Africa.