Saturday, February 6, 2016

VIDEO: "They call us Monkeys!" Africans describe racism in India

In this video by IndiaTimes, Africans in India talk about their experience of racism. Some explain how Indians avoid them in the trains, call them Monkeys, laugh at them and touch their hair. This is sad. If you've experienced this, let's hear your story.
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  1. David Kojo AmegashieFebruary 7, 2016 at 10:46 AM

    Of course India is a racist country. I lived there over a period of 2 years and witnessed it. The issue is this, India's racism is based on the critical consciousness that is manifested in its Caste System, Varna. Having said so, I must point out the fact that I did meet the travelled and exposed Indian who is able to find common ground of acceptance far away from the norm, even if pretentiously. On the other hand, I encountered Indians spitting in my direction which I initially perceived as primitive behavior, and was amazed to learn that it was an indication of their disgust at the mere presence of my person based on my color. I have been told to vacate a shop in an attempt to purchase essentials and nudged out of queue at a bank, as I waited my turn for service. What one must understand is that the original inhabitants of the Indus Valley were the Nagas from Africa, who were as BLACK as the color of their African hair. After the Aryan invasion, the Nagas, now referred to as Dravidians, forcibly accepted the branding 'Shudra', the fourth and lowest of the social classes in India. He must give way to the upper three tiers of the society under any condition. I guess that may have been why I was nudged out of queue at the bank. I didn't belong. I had to give way. As shameful as it is, Varna, a class distinction invoked by Hinduism, is here to stay. Suck it up. However, what is consoling to me, is the TRUTH that the original and rightful inhabitants of the Indus valley back in the day, (Over 3000 years ago) were from BLACK AFRICA. Some Indian victims of this dilemma also console their victimization with the following:
    "Shudra is said to be the underfoot of the gods, hence the lowest because we are black, and yet we are the crowns on the heads of these gods because the gods wear black hair. Rather, those of lighter complexion are the underfoot of the gods because their complexion matches the color of the underfoot of such so-called gods". Peace to humanity.

  2. David Kojo thanks for your brief history. This issue lies in the hands of African youths. If they want to stop this from happening again they have got to do the same thing to any nations that meted out barbaric treated to them. Nigerians youths having heard or seen the video should have immediately rounded up any Indians found in Abuja, Lagos, Kaduna, Enugu, etc. Indians, through corrupt Nigerians public officials and businessmen, have made enormous amount of money from Nigeria. Yet, these animals who sleep with their mothers, sisters, daughters and what have you are mistreating Nigerian citizens. African youths, wherever you are defend your dignity rally behind your various governments to expel Indians from your communities. Racism will only occur if you let it; I happen to have witnessed several instances where Africans outperformed so-called light skins academically. Nigerian youths you have got to treat the Indians in the same way they treated your brothers and sisters in those videos, if not stop complaining.