Thursday, February 18, 2016

Budget Controversy - Buhari orders mass sacking of Budget Officials

Following the controversies and several online protests about the ridiculous 2016 Nigerian budget, President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the complete purge of the Budget Office, in hope of  
cleaning up the irregularities, repetitions, and discrepancies
in the budget. The president said the budget has attracted a huge embarrassment  to his government.
So far, the President has fired the Director-General of the Budget office, Yahaya Gusau, replacing him with  Tijjani Mohammed Abdullahi.
An insider confirmed the president's plans to fire more budget officials, while the rest would be posted out of the office. Some officials in the Budget Office were described as “budget mafia” and accused of sabotaging the budget process. 
Below is my take on the budget after taking a critical look:


  1. How is that suppose to reduce the value of Naira..... mtchwwwwww.....