VIDEO: Nigerians moving back home for lucrative jobs - Adeola Fayehun


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Sunday, January 10, 2016

VIDEO: Nigerians moving back home for lucrative jobs

In this video by Channel 4 News, several Nigerian professionals are moving back to take up lucrative jobs. While the people in the video are excited, a number of viewers say it's not as easy as it looks.
What do you think?

In this second video by BataBox, a number of Nigerian professionals are trying to decide whether to move back or not.

1 comment:

  1. These people are just stupid..
    What magical knowledge have they got??

    All they have is a British accent and a spoilt attitude and some cash they inherited from their parents who are dying and who stole it from the Biafrans they slaughtered..

    May they fail and die a slow painful death in Jesus name..

    All these Yorubbers are just stupid..

    At every word they speak you can just feel their colossal stupidity radiate from their mouth..

    Fuck these people!!

    Nigeria is a fraud and a mafious colonial terrorist organisation..
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    Reply ·

    All these people are corrupt to the soul and channel 4 are using them as an example to show that the government is fighting corruption..
    Is this not foolishness??

    Where did their wealth or their parent's wealth come from??

    Is it not the same money theor parents stole after they slaughtered all the Biafrans??

    Fucking shit people!!

    Oil and gas my back foot..
    The oil money that comes from Delta is being chopped in Lagos..
    What does that mean??

    May god punish all these demons and channel 4 for celebrating their demonic activities..

    They are just going to Lagos because their stupid Yorubber parents are dying and they are giving them the money..


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